Wednesday, June 28, 2017


J and I have been talking about this for the longest time- Taiwanese porridge at Goodwood Park Hotel. Finally made it to a 6.30pm dinner. Luckily we went early. The restaurant filled up pretty quickly once 7.15pm rolled around. Skipped the buffet option (since we aren't fans of durian either) and opted for a la carte dishes under its Taiwanese porridge menu.

Okay, this is not the Cantonese congee I usually take. It's the Taiwanese/Teochew style porridge where you could see rice grains swimming about in water. Although the restaurant seemed to have tried to minimize those grains so the porridge was thicker than the usual; which was pretty nice. BUT we were really there for chye poh omelette and salted eggs. Got them, so all was good.

We were greedy and ordered extra dishes of mui choy (salted/preserved mustard greens) and stir-fried kang kong. Quite relieved the pork in the mui choy came in little cubes and not in big chunks. We wanted the salty vegetables more than the meat.

For S$25, the deep fried pomfret was crisp and beautifully filleted.  No additional sauces. A manageable size. It came with chilli and salt in a little dish at the side. That was delicious. Yes yes, I'm not supposed to overload the stomach this week too. These sort of foods were absolutely fine. Heh. Plus I took a long stroll home after dinner, so the stomach was happy.

In fact, salted eggs weren't on the menu as an option. At least I couldn't find it, and neither could the server whose face looked completely disturbed by dunno-what. Or perhaps it was lumped together with the salted fish. Whatever. We asked the server to sort this out, and the salted eggs arrived properly. In case you're wondering, the menu is printed in English. No Chinese words.

You know how it is with friends right? You always discover new things about them on an annual basis. Well, at this dinner, I discovered that J prefers the salted egg yolk more than the white. I zoom straight for only the white. BEST. No need to fight over who gets which part of the salted egg. Hahahaha.


coboypb said...

Haha, I like how you show your love for salted eggs :) I like chye poh neng and prefer the salted yolk. The pomfret sounds yummy.

jo said...

Porridge is love, more so with the right company :)

PS: Baaaaaaad idea to be reading this post now...
PPS: Always game for another round of porridge + salted eggs. Heeee :P

imp said...

coboypb: Pomfret was really good! Hehehe. It's the combination of salty stuff that i can't resist!

imp said...

jo: we can always go again! Only two items are a must- salted eggs and chye poh omelette. LOL. Everything else can rotate around! Ha!