Thursday, September 07, 2017

Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice!

Back at Folklore for the second time. Luckily we ate super early, at 6pm. Our food arrived on the table in under 15 minutes. By the time the crowd piled in at 7.30pm, we were just about done. Those tables ordered at the same time, resulting in each table waiting close to 30 minutes for their food to be served. The wait for dessert would also be another 20 minutes. The restaurant is still under-staffed during the weekend peak hours.

This round, along with steamed white rice for those who preferred that, we had to have the sambal buah keluak fried rice. That was my only demand. It came with an egg done sunny-side-up. Hurrah. The chap chye turned up at the table too, as a friendly item and to fulfill the nutritional quota of vegetables. The friends loved the non-chilli-spicy but such well-marinated ayam siol so much that we ordered three portions of it. The sambal belachan still lacked sufficient belachan leh. It ends up being fiery-spicy, but a little flat on the tongue.

Folklore charges S$22 for its seafood otah. Was it worth it? Yes and no. It was delicious, delicately packed thick with mackerel, prawns and squid. But it isn't a big portion like Pagi Sore's ikan otah kukus that comes as a whole leatherjacket fish. Folklore's version is definitely worth a try, but it's really up to our cravings to see if we want it as a regular item when dining here.

Made it to dessert. Shared a bowl of sago gula melaka and a plate of kueh kosui. The friends are now in love with gula melaka, coconut shavings and kueh. They're heading home after this weekend and would like to re-create it in their kitchen. Although I'm getting them the ingredients to pack into their check-in luggage for now, I've got no idea how to pack and mail this out to them in a parcel in the near future without their Customs confiscating these items.

Said S$22 seafood otah.

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