Sunday, November 12, 2017


Had an early day which involved loads of walking. Lunch was a sandwich at noon, and somehow, I was rather hungry by 4pm. Walked by Hung Lee Kitchen (洪利粥麵小廚), saw random dead cooked fowl hanging by the window and decided to go in for a bite.

It wasn't crowded at that time, so the staff seemed pretty friendly. The friends weren't that hungry and had drinks, little buns and rice rolls. Tea-time things. Decided to order something out of character- roast goose, with Chinese sausages and rice (燒鵝拼瘦臘腸). 👀 Hehehehe. I'm quite fond of lupcheong, but I try to eat it only twice a year. The BFF comes to Hong Kong often and supplies me with the best from the little shops I'm fond of.

The kitchen must have been in a good mood. They gave me the breast meat, instead of the usual bones! I didn't even request for that! Waaaah, nice! All meat and little bones. I don't know how to appreciate those bones anyway. This item probably held zero nutritional value (again), but I couldn't resist those sausages. Cleaned up the plate. It was delicious! Yeah, I was really hungry. Never mind that a big dinner was scheduled at 7pm. I'd have jogged it all off by then. Hahaha.

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