Thursday, November 09, 2017


Had a wonderful dinner at Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant at Tsim Sha Tsui (尖東好彩海鮮酒家海景宴會廳). Ordered conservatively for a table of six. We wouldn’t be able to eat that much anyway! Too many choices of good food in Hong Kong and there’re barely enough meals and stomach capacity in a day to eat them all. In honor of the girlfriend’s mother’s birthday, we also had an easy bottle of Malbec.

The server tried so hard to sell us the Australian coral trout. But for this table, a regular garouper would be much better lah. The garouper came beautifully steamed in soy sauce. It was delicious. Loved the razor clams too. So much garlic. Mmmm. Had beef and pork done in an easy stir-fry, and cuttlefish and vegetables. I skipped the pork and took the accompanying slices of lotus root and sugar snaps. The thinly sliced and well-marinated pieces of beef were impressive.

Apparently this restaurant is really popular in the day for its dim sum and a view of the harbor from its windows. You can’t quite see that view at night though, except for the blinking lights on the buildings. The dinner menu isn’t shabby at all. The prices were reasonable and the kitchen churned out our orders fine. Oddly, all of us ate more steamed white rice than normal because we got a fresh batch (had to wait because the kitchen ran out of it) that was all fluffy and yummy. 🍚


jo said...

Jumping in to say the luncheon meat and eggs in the previous post looks beautifully done. Yum. Luncheon meat = my guilty pleasure too. Goes well with everything - from bread to porridge and rice. And of course, eating it on its own Heh.

imp said...

Ha! Like spam fries. :P