Friday, November 10, 2017

Clementines, Peeled

Stocked up the room fridge with bottles of Yakult, yoghurt, a box of giant seedless green grapes, and as an afterthought, a pack of clementines touted as 'sweet and easy to peel'. Can't quite do without these essential items that sometimes serve as a light meal.

Ate some crunchy grapes since it doesn't involve much effort to pluck off and wash. I didn't bother to touch the clementines till the girlfriend offered to wash and peel them for me. YAY. (I have photos of her seated at the table peeling fruit, but I can't post them. She has threatened to do mr bodily harm.) I don't particularly fancy clementines; they do taste pretty good when soaked in the water bottle. But when they're peeled nicely like these, I'll eat them. I'm lazy lah. The grandparents and everyone after that spoilt me rotten- they've always cut and arranged my fruits nicely on a small plate. HAHAHAHA.

Since the girlfriend's trying to cut down on refined sugar like ice-cream and desserts, these high-sugar fruits would be uhhh better for her. Heh. Poor thing. People who travel with this imp really don't get to eat much sweet stuff. Anyway, for as long as I can remember, each time we travel together, she has always been the one washing, peeling or slicing fruits for us both. Hehehe. 😂

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