Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Brew-B-Q Charity Bash 2017

Stopped by Brew-B-Q 2nd Charity Bash hosted by Homebrew Co-Op and Fat Lulu's. 10 home-brewers contributed their brews for the event. Tasting samples about 200ml filled the cups. Those plastic cups must be re-used. We should have brought our own cups. Accck. S$20 for five coupons; exchanged those for food and beer. Proceeds collected went to The Food Bank Singapore.

Some people bailed on us because they drank too much the night before. Chehhh. The rest of us went anyway, and met more familiar faces at the event. The organizers borrowed the front porch of the clan association next door, resulting in shelter, decent ventilation and lots of space for attendees. The light drizzle and grey clouds were a perfect complement to the afternoon.

We turned up at 3pm, only because we didn't intend to stay too late. Beers were really decent! The organizers asked us to vote for our favorite. As much as I love my dark beers, the ones available this afternoon weren't quite to my liking. I voted for the 'Blonde Yuki' brewed by process engineer YC Woon because it was beautifully balanced. At 4.7%, this blonde ale (named after the brewer's toy poodle) was indeed "lightly hoppy" as promised.

Servings of food (curried egg sandwiches, grilled corn, steak and sambal pork, and spicy BBQ pork ribs) were indeed limited as the portions got smaller and smaller after the first 45 minutes, and finally ran out at 4.45pm. The music gave me a headache though. It was house and EDM, then a number from AC/DC began the 80s nonsense, and that was when I called it a day.

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