Saturday, November 25, 2017

Pancakes and Lace-up Shoes

School's out! Once we settled the matter of filling our stomachs with good food at PUNCH, and being forced to eat a stack of fairly delicious earl grey pancakes because Missy wanted it as dessert, we could properly chat over coffee.

There was so much to catch up on. Some things can't be properly discussed over text messages. Besides Y and I getting in some good conversation, I also wanted to find out what's happening to Missy. She now has school, erm stress, friends, and all that. She has opinions, and fair comments. Couldn't neglect her feelings! It isn't just casually asking. I'm genuinely interested in what the little girl has to say.

Thought Missy would look good in anothersole lace-ups, but didn't get her a pair online. Needed her to try them on to see if she liked the feel. Off we went to check them out. Missy didn't mind them and proclaimed them comfortable. These aren't track shoes, and we had to be sure that she knows she can't quite run about in them like the soles provide great support. These are just meant for casual walks.

Missy found a pair in a hue closest to her ballet shoes. What luck! Hehehehe. I knew Missy would like this color. She doesn't fully like pink on her clothes, preferring the color on her accessories. She definitely wouldn't pick black since that's the color of her school shoes. Y gave us major eye rolls. 🤩

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