Friday, November 24, 2017

Beer & Champagne

Finally found a common date with the friends for dinner. Instead of going out to the restaurants, it was a wonderful reason for us to have them over and we cook some easy dishes. We've been wanting to cook for them, but found no slots in matching everyone's schedules. Even arranging for this was an impromptu 'let's see if we can find a date for dinner next week', and we made it!

Cooking is a pleasure when we take it easy. A full day affair. Not fond of turkey or chicken, so each time I have a say in the menu, I veto fowls. Wanted to do lamb chops, but when we spied a fresh leg of lamb on the shelves, that had to be it. We could only do a whole leg when we have guests to share the meal. Braised the leg of lamb for six hours till the meat fell off the bone when we poked it with a fork. It was marinated with the usual pepper and salt, and ras el hanout. Added a huge fillet of pan-seared barramundi in light lemon butter sauce and rosemary for more protein. The man did most of the work. Heh. Had to have greens! I whipped up a happy sort of salad- roasted pumpkin and cauliflower, and for carbs, an easy spaghetti aglio e olio. #ImpieCooks2017

Stocked up the fridge with easy-drinking beers. That Tiger White (in the style of cloudy wheat beer), I gotta say, is surprisingly okay. The friends brought champagne. We uhhh have no decent wine or champagne glasses at home. Or rather they're stashed somewhere deep in the cabinets that I have no idea where to even begin searching for them. Found whisky glasses that look like flutes without the stems. Hahaha. Those would have to do. It was very good champagne. What a much treasured night of conversation and laughter. 🥂Happy Thanksgiving!

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