Thursday, November 23, 2017

Feist in Singapore

Of course I had to hear Feist. She returned to Singapore with a band, as part of Esplanade's Mosaic Music Series (no longer branded as a major festival). The night began with songs from ‘Pleasure’ (2017). Admittedly, while I’ve heard them, I haven’t decided if I like any. I love them albums 'Let It Die' (2004) and 'The Reminder' (2007) too much.

Then we went to the old songs. That was when Feist urged the concert hall to stand up. Up to that point, we were all sitting quietly, chilling out. Okaaaay, we got up and happily grooved to the music. Yeah, much better than slouching in my seat, and having to wiggle each time people from my row wanted to move in and out.

Admission details stated that the concert would last two hours, without an intermission. That sounds really long, even if Feist has the whole band with her. But two hours it indeed lasted. At the encore, on the acoustic guitar, Feist changed out the arrangement of 'Mushaboom'. The final song was her 2007 ‘1234’, but done so differently tonight, because it has been ten years. Gorgeous mellow night.

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