Saturday, December 02, 2017

A Steamed Grey Mullet

The whole point of the meal was to devour the grey mullet. Spotted fresh ones at the market in the morning and decided to have that for dinner. Bought two. When I sliced them apart to steam, those fats were gorgeous. Shiny, translucent and wobbly. Hahaha. These fishes were superbly fresh.

The accompanying carbs would just be fishballs, mushrooms and kway teow. Boiled up a proper pot of chicken soup. No I didn't make 'em fishballs or kway teow from ground up. Too lazy. Next time. Bought them decent from the market stalls. #ImpieCooks2017

The man loves a good grey mullet, and merrily ate one whole fish by himself. He was very pleased. He now knows I can produce a somewhat edible meal, specializing in Asian soups, and salads of all sorts. Hahahaha. 😶 While the Teochew porridge stalls serve up fairly nice ones, this one is way better since it's super fresh, and nothing beats a homecooked version.

Well, I'm being nice to the man since he's recovering from sialolithiasis. He was on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills. So homecooked meals were ideal. Loads of fish on the menu. The man had earlier thought those hard lumps were tumors under his tongue. A CT scan and his brilliant funny doctor sorted that out promptly within the week.

His salivary glands were cut up to remove three stones (hardened calcium deposits) from the sublingual and submandibular spaces. It was done via day surgery on general anesthesia. There're two more tiny sialoliths stuck in the submandibular that couldn't be retrieved unless the whole gland is removed. Not a good idea at the moment. Stitches have been removed, incisions have healed and he's fine now. To coax the last two stones out over the next few months, he just needs to up his water intake and drastically cut down on dairy products. 🥛🧀❌ And minimize intake of supplements. FWIW, I don’t subscribe to dietary supplements. Am skeptical of their bioavailability or purported benefits.


Su-Lin said...

Looks delicious!!😋
Speedy recovery D!

imp said...

thanks! :)