Friday, December 01, 2017

Peroneal Tendonitis

The legs moved faster than the brain, and I managed to completely trip over a kerb, twisted the right ankle and sat down heavily on the ground. Felt something pop in the ankle. Had to sit there for three minutes before attempting to stand up. I wouldn't know how bad it would be till I put weight on it.

It didn't feel too bad. Managed to hobble to a chair to ice it immediately. It kinda hurt when I put it through a test range of motions, but it was okay. Not a big deal. Kept up with icing, and also taped it up for a few days. Then I returned to the normal gym routine. Took it easy with the jumps and squats though. Did them at a slower pace and didn't bother with any jumping lunges. No burpees! Yay. Heh. It has been a loooong time since I twisted the ankle. Unfortunately this right ankle is also my most heavily abused ankle, from the time of ballet, then figure skating. All my axels and salchows land on the right leg, i.e. right ankle. It is strong, but also weak at the same time.

It was a light twist and I didn't think it was necessary to see a doctor or the chiropractor. I have full mobility on the right ankle now, but oddly, the outer ankle bone now hurts to touch and to any form of pressure. It's also more swollen than usual. That bone vaguely began to hurt when I was in Hong Kong. I'm sure that this pain isn't due to the fall or twist. I feel it keenly since I sit cross-legged all the time.

Both feet have a high arch, and there's been an increase in weight training, longer running distances. Didn't think it's a big deal, but the ankles probably feel otherwise. The recent pilates sessions have been angled for ankle rehab anyway. It seems to have full mobility, and can take my full weight, but it feels unstable. The pain on the outer bone hasn't fully lessened; it comes and goes. It's acute when I press on it. Over lunch with the girlfriends, I proudly announced to them that my peroneal tendons are injured. Not a subluxation. Likely tendonitis. The girlfriend, who is an excellent orthopedic surgeon, cuffed me on the ears. Literally. She really did so. "Stop finding affirmation on the internet for your pain! Come and see me tomorrow." OUCH. Orrrrrrh. So I did.

Turned up at her clinic. The girlfriend ordered an X-ray, studied tapped my toes, ankle and all. "Well," she said, "You do not have a lateral ankle sprain. You have mildly inflamed peroneal tendons." Which is peroneal tendonitis. Not tendinosis. WTF. Lady, you made me spend money to confirm something I was fairly sure about. 😑 You could imagine the wild laughter that ensued. I'm sure everyone outside the room heard. I'm gonna kill her at our next krav maga class. Clearly, no medication is needed. She agreed with my proposed methods of being mindful about the ankle so that it could heal without compromising too much on the exercise regime, icing it occasionally, and continuing with pilates, focusing on strengthening the ankle. The peroneal tendons should calm down in about three weeks.

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