Friday, December 15, 2017

Cupcakes & A Bear

Ed the Bear with his buddy Roo, chilling out at Missy's, again. (📷: Y)

It was super funny. Logistics caused Ed the Bear to not come along when I met Missy and Y for lunch. Missy must have been wondering about it, but she was too polite to rummage in my bag, and managed to contain her burning question till after lunch. Then she asked, "Aunty Imp, can Ed the Bear come over to play with me and Roo?" Awwwww. Of course! She's turning 10 next year. I wonder if Ed the Bear will still get to visit her. Ooof.

The man had insisted that we must always send Ed the Bear to Missy's with a little gift, because bears ought to never turn up empty-handed when they get ridiculously pampered. Ermmm, okaayyy. I used to pack the Bear off to Missy with a bunch of biscuits or a box of color pencils and stuff. Things that school-going little girls might find useful.

Also, Missy has learnt that the man loves rose macarons. 🙄 (Don't ask me why he does.) If Missy knows she's seeing him, she always asks to buy him one or two macarons. That day, Missy and Y bought him a whole box of six! So these bears. Bears get totally spoilt by Missy. I still have no idea why Missy has taken such a shine to Ed the Bear since she was a wee tot. Well, my friends remind me that I'm like, this old, and still talks to bears and stuffed animals. Riiiiight. 😂

In the quiet of the night, the man and I took a slow drive to specially deliver Ed the Bear to Missy for his staycation, along with a box of cupcakes from Plain Vanilla. I know the flavors Missy likes, and also included two festive flavors for the adults- 'dark chocolate whiskey' and 'spiced apple bourbon'. Passed on the 'white chocolate gingerbread'.

I'm quite fond of Plain Vanilla's items, and tend to buy them for the friends. Not quite into buying them for myself. To be honest, even these pretty good cupcakes that hold lower sugar are wayy too sweet for me. The one flavor I can stomach a few bites of is 'dark chocolate ganache' because it doesn't hold frosting or cream. It's topped with pure dark chocolate crunch. It's rather tasty. 

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