Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Putting Gifts In Tote Bags

This thing about Christmas gifts and gifting. I'll never make sense of it. It's an obligation, and it can become a burden. I'm all like, why bother with this charade? To be fair, I'm not inclined to make the effort either. When humans don't already feature in my life through the year, they aren't privy to my thoughts or my quirks. Neither would I matter in theirs. Anyway.

I'm so thankful that by now, the wonderful friends never fail to select the best sort of gifts for me. A card with a long message, a long email, or a long text attached to a photo sent in whichever medium works very well. Precious gifts of time, companionship, conversation, food, and other thoughtful items (such as dishwashing gloves and jars of preserved black olives Asian-style...) that tell me they truly know me, and that they care. I'm thrilled that many have agreed to sort out small donations to the various charities instead. Let us also not forget the point of Christmas.

This year, I'm in a slightly DGAF mode. Didn't quite know what to get for the friends. We see one another often, so gifting happens through the year. During Christmas, we tend to just have a meal together or get each other fun or fancy food items. Managed to sort something out at the last minute. The rest do fine with say, Amazon vouchers and magazine subscriptions. Heh. Didn't feel like wrapping 'em gifts either. They all went into those re-usable grocery bags brightened up by red ribbons and gift tags or these cute cloth tote bags printed with local icons and foods. They look kinda presentable, I think. May all these gifts bring a smile to the recipients.

There're many more fun prints of kopi-o, nasi lemak, Hainanese chicken rice, laksa and such.
Didn't bother to snap a photo of each.

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