Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Hopped into the Esplanade Annexe Studio for Amateur Takes Control’s second four-track EP release, unimaginatively and hilariously titled 'ATC EP2'. This is one new album since their first 'You, Me And The Things Unsaid' in 2008!

The members have shuffled a little (not that it matters to me); importantly, the band still sounds good, but with a new edge. Their brand of instrumental rock is slightly more noisy this time round. They were LOUD that night. But this venue always manages to make many bands sound good and have their engineers do a balanced mix. Even through the ear plugs, we could hear every guitar, pedal and drum beat.

The band played a mix of old and new songs in the one-hour show. Eleven songs in total, with the new tracks interspersed in the setlist. It's not like I know every song or something. I probably know like...three songs. Heh. It's just nice to head out for a night to watch a band I'm not fully familiar with.  We just don't have a sufficiently vibrant enough scene whereby we could just pop in to a venue wherever to check out an indie band on any given night. Oh, this band also holds no vocals. 😬

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