Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Cat Nanny

The friends went off on a short vacation and I volunteered to play nanny to their cat, Chewie. Much more comfortable for her than having to stay in a pet hotel and get all stressed out. I've known her since she was a wee kitten. At least she knows my smell and is still in familiar surroundings, and won’t be traumatized. While she might not want me to grab her, she does pop out for head bumps and neck scratches, and cheekily walks all over my Macbook.

Chewie is less impressed with the man because she associates him with ‘noise’. She also knows him by his smelly socks. Hahahahaha. She inspects and sniffs our shoes every time we visit. She doesn’t enjoy it very much when her human slaves play the guitars with odd effects and crank up the amps. Which was exactly what the man did because the friends had permitted him to go crazy in the music room. Cat went to sulk. She complained to high heaven about the noise. I had to tell the human to tone it down a few notches. 🐱😒

On my first day over, I couldn’t stop grinning at the notes (for me) stuck all over the doors and walls. The friends are hilarious. But I always appreciate detailed instructions. Pile it on! I’m extra careful with doors and windows. Not my cat mah, so I have to be more vigilant and conscientious. I know Chewie’s medical history, her regular vet, and her quirks. I take a look at her poop too. Oof. The friends might have rolled eyes at the check-in and check-out photos and videos that I’ve been sending daily. Hahahahaha. When the friends trust me with their keys and home, I must be extra cautious.

I do this pet-sitting thing for friends quite often, especially when it’s a better (and cleaner) option for the pets than having them board at a hotel. But I can only do it for pets who are okay with me. Otherwise they're going to be a headache to handle. Somehow, it’s easier to play nanny to cats. Compared to dogs who uhh need a whole lot more attention, cats tend to be a breeze to take care of. Hurhurhur.

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