Saturday, January 06, 2018

pg.lost + IEHAC

I don't just go for the big names at gigs; I check out smaller indie bands too. It's always good to have interesting bands stop over in Singapore. I’m glad we have many more choices now, but the higher than USD25 ticket prices is something we have to live with. The costs of bringing in all these bands to the other side of the world all add up. Went to listen to new-to-me Swedish post-rock band pg.lost at the Esplanade Annexe Studio.

Local lads and lass In Each Hand A Cutlass (IEHAC) opened the show, and did a great job, as always. It was their first gig of the year and everyone had loads of fun. A short set, of course. Awesome to hear them, and one super old song that they hadn't actually played in public for years even though it's on the first album (2011)- ‘White Boxes’. Popped into the green room to say hello and saw them draw up their own poster to paste on the wall. Hahaha.

So pg.lost is pronounced as ‘page lost’. Hahahaha. Page! I’ve been pronouncing it as ‘P-G’. However, the band has been pronouncing it as P-G too, recently. I heard them say so. 😂 They sounded good on Spotify, and even better live. Huge huge sounds. Loud. Very loud, even with ear plugs. I love music without vocals. :P Close the eyes and let the imagination run. Last night, I thought about riding on armored polar bears through the battlefield, and scenes of the eternal war between elves and Orcs.

The bands have both truly worked hard. They lug heavy gear, get bounced around in different cities, soundchecks, adhere to strict timetables, are fed strange foods, suffer a lack of sleep, and still get the adrenaline to play a show. Passion drives them. Even so... It never fails to amaze me how they remember each riff and line without guitar tabs or keyboard scores. So many songs. What epic sounds. Loved it. It was a great show by pg.lost and IEHAC! It marked a promising start to the gig calendar for the year. 🖤

From left: Kristian, Martin, Gustav and Mattias.

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