Saturday, January 20, 2018

Prawn Noodles & Wonton Noodles

Prawn noodles.

I've managed to catch many bowls of noodles at Morsels. They rotate around weekly. S$25++ for a good bowl of noodles? I'm cool with it, and the portions are sufficient for me. I love Chef Petrina's interpretation of popular types of noodles, which then turn out to be less greasy, and healthier. Erm, please don't debate about whether it's authentic. It won't be, in the sense that Morsels don't replicate the dish, instead they use familiar elements and infuse new flavors.

Prawn noodles are quite popular. I love it too because of its light elegant broth. Not a bisque in this version when we ate it that day. Of course I popped an antihistamine before I ate it. Hehehe. Totally worth it. It came with a small appetizer of fried chicken which I always give to whoever I'm eating with. Met M for a lovely quiet little lunch at the restaurant on a rainy afternoon; she loved the portion size of the prawn noodles too.

Zoomed in when the roster listed wonton noodles. I wasn't that enamored by the pork. I was interested in the wonton skin and noodles. I wasn't disappointed. Pork jowl char siew with herbal soya sauce, pork kimchi wonton worked for people who like meat. They were really decent. It came with fried drumlets too. The jalapeño chilli sauce was fabulously spicy. That helped me get through most of the meat, but I mostly palmed them off to my dining companions. But those noodles got me. Beautifully al dente. Good bite! Yay!

The noodles belong to the lunch sets and don't appear at dinner. Of course the a la carte menu is available at lunch too. They always have special dishes of the month. The restaurant will probably trot out a brand new a la carte dinner menu soon. They've always done interesting flavors and fun dishes. My tastebuds love Petrina's cooking. I'll stroll by for dinner when the new menu is out!

Pork jowl char siew wonton noodles.

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