Friday, February 09, 2018

At 40, Finally!


When I had to study the writings of Confucius for Higher Chinese at A'Levels and General Paper in Chinese, I truly hated the dude. While I have no aversion towards the language, my brain isn't really wired to think in Chinese lah. Neither does it like to do Shakespeare, Chaucer, Aristotle, Plato or Socrates. Today, at 40 years old, I kinda agree with this statement from Confucius in 'The Analects'. Although I currently disagree with his assessment of the fifth decade of life.

The faeriefolk and friends asked if I was doing anything else to mark my fortieth. I said, "nothing grand or fireworks-worthy". It's a choice isn't it? Some mark it with a trek or do a marathon, Ironman or Spartan Race. Others organize fund-raising activities, get on with a huge party, arrange loads of dinners, or turn that dream vacation into reality. We can! We celebrate this milestone of life however we choose to. There isn't a need to adhere to any sort of stereotypes or expectations. Make our own paths. We have the whole year to decide what we want to do with this fourth decade of life.

The birthday began at 6am with a reflection with God and my thoughts, a gorgeous view of sunrise, then a satisfying sweat session at the gym, lunch with my old folks, and a quiet dinner with lovelies which included a superb tom yam soup. For me, this is exactly how I'd like to mark my milestone year- quietly and simply. Like it's another day. Routine, mundane-ness and peace are much treasured. I'm an introvert, and I make no apologies for that. I'm incredibly lucky to be surrounded by people who love me, and remind me of it constantly. These are faeriefolk. They love this quirky me fiercely, as I do them. I've learnt to live with many consequences of decisions made in my youth. Regrets are but few. I'm grateful to have health and strength, I'm happy to be able to serve my community and old folks. I'm privileged to be blessed with plenty in life. It's such a delight to turn 40.


^cherie said...

Happy birthday, babe.. looking even more gorgeous as the years tick by. Stay blessed! xx

imp said...

thank you dear S!

D said...

To an even more smashing and healthy decade to come! Happy 40th, Imp!!!

b.muse said...

You are amazing at every age Girlfriend, dazzling more and more as you evolve, just like the whisky we love, heh.

Crush those goals, and look forward to more adventures and coffee/foodie/whisky dates with you. xx ;)

imp said...

@D: Thankyooou. And i’m very glad that you’re still writing. ThankYOU for sharing bits of your life too. Wishing you well always.

imp said...

@b.muse: more to come, more to come. Must.