Saturday, February 10, 2018

Kueh Bingka Ubi With A Candle

The dear girlfriends rustled up a birthday lunch for me at the quieter Violet Oon Bukit Timah. Lunch was unhurried and conversation was beautiful. They insisted on small gifts and a really cute tiny bear to accompany the thoughtful items.

Food was good and we ordered loads of dishes. I do enjoy the kopi-o-siu-dai here. Had two lovely cups. Cackled when they made me order dessert, and it came with a candle. All riiiight. A slab of kueh bingka ubi (or in some quarters, kueh bengkah) it was. Of all kueh, I probably only take kueh kosui and kueh bingka ubi, preferably doused with less sugar and only gula melaka.

This year, I'm doing small gatherings with the friends to mark my fortieth. There're other personal projects and things I'd be doing, of course, to mark the milestone of life, but those aren't done in a day. While blowing out candles on many birthday cakes at the various parties, all my wishes were to have the faeriefolk healthy and happy, and find strength in tears and adversity. These people who love me and bother to make time for me in various ways and in each of their unique manner — they deserve all the good and wonderful that life has to offer. At this lunch, I had hugs and wishes from these girlfriends, and the precious gift of their company- that's worth all the blue diamonds and gold in the world.


Liverella said...

Blessed birthday, dear!!! Such a great display of joy on the last pic :D Been following you for the longest time and from all the posts, I have seen the changes and also some beliefs that you hold on dear to which are awesome. May you continue to have the strength and ferocity towards life, yet the gentleness and kindness you give to others when they are at their lowest. The 40s will continue to be a blast for you!


imp said...

Thank yoooou so much for the wishes! Totally appreciated and wanted. xoxo