Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Such Tasty Vegetarian Burgers!

The friends mentioned about hans im glück for its decent burgers, its convenient location in town, and importantly, its generous range of vegetarian and vegan burgers, and a thorough list of allergens. It's soooo rare to get decent vegetarian patties at the eateries in town. There're currently 11 vegetarian and vegan burgers on the menu. The restaurant takes reservations and has air-conditioned indoor seating, and provides cutlery with the meal. Perfect.

I persuaded some people to have lunch there instead of our original venue of &Made. They were so taken by the menu that all of us ordered the vegetarian and vegan burgers. None of us tried the actual beef and chicken options. Hahahah. Those looked pretty all right. We think that the only items that translate to anything in German here are the names of the sauces in bottles, and the beer. Hahaha. The names of the burgers, are just that, random names that don't really mean anything. Oof. I didn't even attempt to pronounce them!

One could choose how you would like the buns- sourdough, multigrain or naked (no buns). The patties all sounded good, and there’re spicy patties too. S$15 or S$16 for this burger, fine by me. I ordered a vegan 'Juglans' on multigrain that held wheat patty with cranberries, sprouts and walnuts. It came with sweet potato fries. When I sank my teeth into the burger, I was blown away. It was soooo good. There's even vegan mayonnaise that's legit, and get this, CHILLI SAUCE that's somewhat spicy. This is so wonderful. I'M SOOOO HAPPY TO FINALLY GET SOME PROPERLY DELICIOUS VEGETARIAN BURGERS IN SINGAPORE. 


b.muse said...

Thanks for sharing, looks amazing! Yumms, looking forward to the new outlet opening in Raffles Place! :D

imp said...

The one in Raffles Place will be......good for us too! Hurhurhrurhur.