Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Thinking About...Cats

I'm beginning to understand just how detached I need to be with regard to material items if I am to acquire a cat. Not that I don't know. I know that in theory; I grew up with cats and dogs in the house, but I haven't kept a pet in adulthood simply because I can’t commit to it. Interacting with the friends' cats are just that, fun, and nothing further. Helping to trap and sterilize community cats by keeping them for a few nights don't actually count. Now, I'm thinking about it, and seeing it through new perspectives in relation to my living environment.

When one thinks about adopting a cat (or two) in earnest, suddenly, one starts to see how unfriendly home fixtures and windows could be to cats, or how the cuties could scratch the heck out of a favorite leather or fabric chair. And to my mild amusement, I realized I could, happily compromise on furniture and furnishings in order to have a cat. My pet's safety and comfort will be paramount, not my sense of aesthetics. Well, I’ll still get to choose monochrome colors, but I don't get much say in terms of textures and structures. Since I won't be able to keep my ideal types of dogs in Singapore, cats would be an alternative. I might also just like cats over dogs that little bit more. 😄

Then there's the issue of commitment to older cats and those with disabilities. 12 and 14-year old cats require more care, and understanding. They get sick, incontinent and perhaps blind. You can't just euthanize them. I can deal with death and sickness, but I don't think I can deal with the decision of putting down an animal unless there're grievous injuries and the vet actually recommends it due to the gravity of the illness or debilitating extent of suffering. So I’m still stuck at this stage, pondering if my lifestyle could fit in a commitment of having a cat.

The friends' cat was so judging me.

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