Monday, February 12, 2018

‘The Specter of Failure’

I follow Incidental Comics and look forward to little snippets every other week. It’s created by cartoonist Grant Snider. He’s an orthodontist in his day job, and from his drawings, he certainly got plenty of inspiration from that. I think many friends are following the dude too. Quite a fair number of them keep sharing his posts. I haven’t gotten around to buying his new book ‘The Shape of Ideas’ (2017).

Last month, I giggled at that new comic ‘My Bookshelf’. Well. Haha. We’ve all been there! Although there might be new situations caused by the arrival of my first Kindle years ago. At the very least, I don’t have to worry about buying multiple copies of books. Before thinking about getting new reads in hard copies, I tend to check Kindle store, past book purchases and the local library.

That day, a new Janaury comic popped up. It’s titled ‘The Specter of Failure’. Ahhhh. Failure. This is a word I’m afraid of. It’s the specter that occasionally makes it difficult for me to fall asleep. Okay, I rarely am kept awake by anything, and least of all a new pet or newborn human. I sleep rather well. This specter haunts me in my waking hours. It lurks at the back of the mind and casts aspersions on optimism. Luckily for this specter, or unluckily, I do Plan A to Z and try, as much as possible, to plan for all unfortunate scenarios, even those outside of my control.

This year, I’m afraid of failure on many fronts. Well, basically, this is me every year, every week. Nobody likes failing. I don’t, and I certainly try to avoid that for as much as I can. As the prep for all work and personal projects slowly take shape, self-doubt has begun to creep in. I’ll have to trust my brains, my trained competencies and my uhhh talent......of winging it. Hahahahaha. I suppose I’ll manage, as I always do.

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