Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chanel's 'Misia'

Opened the birthday present the dearest girlfriend bought for me. And grinned. I do like this scent that she had picked out. I was all the more tickled because the gift came with a complimentary little bag of flowers from the boutique (since it's February and she bought it close to Valentine's Day). The already harried sales executives actually bothered to pack flowers daily for their customers.

Yes, girlfriends come over to the flat, but it's not as if they go through my toiletries and cosmetics. I've very little interest to talk cosmetics and beauty stuff with them. I'm not into it. 🙃 Those perfume bottles and whatever make-up stuff aren't displayed or visible to anyone at all. So nobody knows what brands I use or what scents are preferred. But well, now that I've written this post, everyone knows. Ooof. At this moment, I favor Misia (named for Misia Sert) very much. Beige or 1932 works too, but Misia remains a top choice. The current bottle is finishing. This gift came at a perfect timing.

When I complimented the girlfriend on her excellent choice and asked her about how she ended up with Misia, she hilariously said, "Muahaha cos we are same same but different re scents, especially i know which Chanel scents you like so can kinda gauge, and i know which ones i have that you don't use so those are great for elimination". She's seriously indulging me lah. #winning My girlfriends are likely to make fairly accurate guesses about the kind of scents I avoid. This girl would know. It's not just the gift; anyone can go out and buy a bottle of perfume. It's the thought process behind it that's much appreciated and makes me feel totally spoilt.

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