Wednesday, February 14, 2018

POP Pilates Certified!

Signed up for a POP Pilates instructor training session. It’s a birthday present to myself- get myself out of the comfort zone, and do something extroverted, and something that isn’t too time-consuming. Had to brace myself for the onset of group dynamics, and basically, it's a tough thing for an introvert to do.

POP Pilates program director Jules Fultz had flown in from California to lead the master classes and the instructor-training workshop. As the lead facilitator, she was great and all bubbly, and frankly, very good at doing this. I wryly noted that she stuck to the standard workshop facilitation structure, which works well. Hurhurhur. Couldn’t help noticing it. As promised, Jules made it a safe and fun space, and everyone felt comfortable. The full-day workshop went way easier than expected.

It helped that there were familiar faces at the workshop, and I didn't feel too out of place. I mugged like hell and memorized every track of the 55-minute choreography, aside from the one I was assigned to. 😬😂 Honestly, those were easy. It’s the confidence of leading a group exercise class that I sorely lack. That could only come with time and experience.

The really convenient portion- as much as I'm not quite into the genre of music, the selected songs works for the choreography, and made it easy for everyone to follow along. It's a friendly workout. Importantly, licensing and public air-play are all sorted. Submitted the video to the evaluation panel for the final hurdle (one take, no edits); and I passed! Am certified now. Hurrah! #POPArmy

I don't have the personality to be a lead facilitator in a group session. As it is, I shy away from all lead roles at work, and in my social sphere. I have a preferred type of gym instructor; that’s why I keep going to their classes! Hahaha. But I can never be like them, because I’m not a people-person by nature. That’s my biggest hindrance to leading group classes.

I'd be quite happy to cover classes for the regular instructors. It takes quite a big leap of faith for anyone (or an organization) to put me in charge of a class when I have zero experience leading group exercises. Oof. Anyway, I've bravely signed up to co-teach with an awesome instructor. Gotta at least try it before I wimp out right? We'll see how it goes.


nua-ster said...

congrats!!! I saw ur vid! u were good!! HAVE FUN~~

imp said...

You’re a sweetie! Thankyooou!

Cavalock said...

Congratulations! :)

imp said...

cavalock: hehehhehe. Thanks!