Thursday, February 15, 2018

年夜飯 :: 雞去瑤池傳喜訊、犬來大地報春意

I was so glad that the gym was open today. Needed to work off aggression. 😉 (Need to think about Lent too. Oops.) Went for my first kettlebell class bravely using an 8-kg, then a HIIT class. Was a tad winded after. Nice! The muscles might probably ache soon since it was the first time I did both classes. What was even better- The Daily Cut was still open! Gobbled a happy bowl of savory salad. They’re forever out of lingonberry sauce though, tsk.

The festive season is always a time where I over-eat. But that's not too bad because these calories will be burnt off. I like food, not snacks. I never have a problem saying no to the various snacks or whatever because I don't totally fancy these Lunar New Year snacks. Not pineapple tarts, definitely not the sugary sweet items, and I'm picky even over the savory snacks.

The man's mom's side of the family always rustles up a reunion dinner. I'm glad that this dinner is usually hosted at a hotel restaurant, because I'm so fussy about food that I don't eat half the items on the menu. It's rather awkward to reject food if some aunt or uncle cooked it. Tonight's dinner was seafood-based. Perfect. No giant plates of meats. There were grilled jumbo prawns which I ignored. There was a strange fried rice dish of silky fowl with wolf-berries. Half the table went yucks when they realized the black bits in the fried rice weren't olives but silky fowl. Hurhurhur. I avoid chicken wherever possible. Anyway, for me, eating rice at 11pm would be incoherent. So I skipped the dish. Just a bowl of bird’s nest soup with fish maw, and braised abalone with spinach sufficed.

This reunion dinner is done at the second seating at the restaurants, and never begins earlier than 9pm and often ends at 11.30pm. Zzzzzz. So I've learnt to schedule other dinners before that. Those would begin at 5.30pm or 6pm, and it'd be necessary to fill my growling tummy before sitting down to a second meal again at 9pm when I shouldn’t be eating, and therefore wouldn't take very much food.

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