Saturday, March 10, 2018

Another Good Lunch

Had a lovely long lunch with S when she flew back to town for a little while. She brought her whole clan back to visit the rest of the family, and run errands. She had a crazy schedule, but we managed to find a block of quiet time.

S misses Japanese food loads, and definitely stocked up on all good ones here at the various restaurants. She had a list, and loads of dear friends to catch with over many meals, plus the many lunar new year gatherings filled up her stomach. Hahaha. Thrilled that she still found space for lunch with me. We hopped out to Hashida.

Hashida's lunch offerings are very decent. Good cuts, exquisite treatment of raw fish, and conservative on flavors. I like conservative. Boring flavors are my familiar comfort. The mood dictates the tastebuds, and often, I only feel like having nigiri sushi and sashimi that hasn’t been treated too inventive. Quality has to be there, of course. That is expected. I've come in for a number of lunches this year already, and so far, year on year, for quality and taste, Hashida has delivered on both counts.

Didn't request to skip the tuna today, and I didn't stop them when they served the chutoro and otoro. Gave them to S. Hurhurhur. She loves these cuts, and where she lives, there ain't no nice tuna to be eaten. So she gets extra pieces of these fatty cuts. I prefer akami anyway. I had additional pieces of kinmedai. Most satisfying.

The gorgeous uni and ikura don.

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