Sunday, March 11, 2018

Them Push-Ups / Press-ups

I do them push-ups full in different variations. In pilates too, I go back to basics and work on form and build up all over again from there. This year, my pilates instructor has taken to making me do very slow push-ups with resistance. Plenty of time to work on sliding those shoulder blades down, keeping the hips squared, and activating every inch of the core. That core goes from your abs and obliques all the way round to your glutes. She thinks I ought to be able to do one-arm push-ups in a few weeks. Erm. NO.

Plyo push-ups are always the killer in any HIIT class. Those kill you. Tricep push-ups are my all-time favorite. I do at least 50 a day on days I don't have strength-training sessions. Which is like...three days a week. 25 in the morning and 25 at night. Aside from all the static stretches to maintain flexibility, I also plank for at least three minutes a day. Sometimes, in place of dynamic stretches as warm-up, I plank. Hold those abs in in order to maintain your form for both push-ups/press-ups and planks.

PopSugar Fitness does put out nonsensical articles, but sometimes, it posts good stuff. I’m just iffy about its diet guides and articles on supplements since those results and effects vary greatly from individual to individual. Those are read with a large pinch of salt. Its Class FitSugar has got some decent classes to follow along, and good tips. It only takes your determination. Here's a cool guide to different variations of push-ups and planks to get those pecs, deltoids, triceps, and wing muscles (serratus anterior) strengthened.

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