Saturday, March 17, 2018

Giuseppe X Carlo At Lighthouse

The man and I were invited to a four-hands dinner presented by Chef Giuseppe Costa of Il Bavaglino in Sicily and Chef Carlo Marengoni who currently helms Fullerton Hotel's Lighthouse Restaurant. The six-course dinner came with wine pairing. Okaaay. Wine it would be for the night. I loved it that they chose to serve a Franciacorta (La Valle 2006 Regium) to start. It was a very refreshing change from the usual Prosecco.

The appetizer of braised octopus with carmelized celery was beautiful. Loved it. Carbs came in the form of an arancini (which I gave away since fried rice balls in any form don’t appeal to me), and scampi tossed spaghetti with nettle cream and candied lemon. I was nursing a mildly swollen eye from allergies; had to give away the scampi too, and hoped that whatever left in the pasta and sauce wouldn’t make the eye flare more.

Secondi Piatti came in the form of a red meat and a fish- a seared amberjack with garbanzo cream, sweet and sour onions on a red wine cloud. The red meat was a Nero Dávola wine-braised veal cheek with garbanzo cream, cabbage salad and fennel seeds, of which I gave away half of the bite-sized portion. Wasn’t in the mood for red meat tonight. After ingesting bread at the start, the portions of dinner turned out to be more than suffficient for my stomach.

Dessert was a traditional Sicilian baba in rhubarb sauce, lemon cream and bergamot essence. The baba came in a mini size. Two cute little pieces. I took one bite. The rhubarb sauce was good. That was surprisingly enjoyable. The man was simply pleased that he got to have dessert at one meal. Hahaha. After dessert was served, the two chefs came out to say hello to the dining room.

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