Friday, March 16, 2018

Healing Crystals and Such

Reiki, singing bowls and healing and protective crystals are so out there in New Age techniques. Beyond understanding its scientific frequency and vibrations, the practice itself is not something I'll ever understand. I get Infinity Stones and Soul Gems. Or if you think a pretty crystal or stone is your lucky charm. However, when you talk about healing crystals and energy points (or 'chi'), cupping therapy, gua sha and all, they fly over my head.

I ain’t gonna sit around while the friends recharge their crystals in running water or moonlight or wave the smoke from sage leaves around the house. I won’t bother with wearing or carrying a crystal around with me for 'protection'. Perhaps it works for some, but it doesn't do anything for me. It's not something I'm into, the same reason why the deeper practice of yoga and its meditative aspects don't appeal because each asana is supposed to open up the corresponding chakra, soothing the imbalance of energies to restore the flow to the mind and body. I cannot.

I ROTFL at glass water bottles touted for its healing properties because of the sealed chamber of crystals sitting in there. Have you seen it? The two-hundred-dollar 500ml bottles?  I'm sure they didn't just suddenly pop up and sound all Goop-ish. These articles about 'heavenly crystal water bottles' on Gizmodo (sent by NatGeo for the magazine's review. NatGeo? Seriously?)Refinery29 (helpfully telling readers all about this trend) and PopSugar (they interviewed Miranda Kerr about her rose quartz bottles) are such a hoot. I was randomly surfing and blinked at how Free People literally has a whole page of crystal-things to sell. Okaaaay. Mind-boggling.

The open mind I keep is for my friends. Learning about these crystals and New Age theories lets me understand the friends' interest and their inner worlds. I want them to explain their beliefs to me, the same way that I'd do for mine if they ask. But I'm certainly not going to evangelize to them. I pray for my friends to find their way through darkness, with their chosen faiths, mainstream or otherwise. We're free to believe what we choose, and I respect that. The diversity and honesty of these friendships I hold dear help me to be a better person.

The corresponding crystals to the seven chakras on the human body, according to esoteric religions.

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