Friday, April 27, 2018

郵送する :: 郵便はがき

The word 'postcard' in some segments of spoken Japanese always make me grin. The hiragana and katakana literally take the English pronunciation and kinda slang-ed it- ポストカード. Perhaps it isn't a fair statement, but if you can read the characters, it is so. And that will also be GoogleTranslate's crap option. Use '郵便はがき', 'yubin hagaki'. 'はがき' is a much more accurate usage.

I find joy in scribbling little postcards and hunting down post offices to mail them out. The hotel concierge could do it for me, but it's more fun doing it on my own. Quite a thrill strolling into a post office to run errands. Hehehe. There seem to be many post offices in Tokyo that pop up even though I'm not looking out for them.

If trips coincide with the Christmas and New Year season, then greeting cards are mailed out from wherever (It has been from Seattle for the past few years). This isn't Christmas, so I didn't bother getting a whole stack of cards. Found cute postcards as souvenirs and decided to mail them out. Yeah, this is a short trip, but I just have the habit of randomly writing to the few people I always write to. :P 

Spied a convenient post office at Nakameguro that doesn't seem to hold too long queues. Returned to it a few days later to mail out ten postcards. I'm missing a few birthday celebrations these two weekends. Thought a little postcard would be fun. I don't know if all the postcards will get to the recipients; some have reached their mailboxes. We've had mail from Tokyo lost in transit and never found. Since those weren’t tagged with a tracking number, we have no idea if Japan Post lost it or it's SingPost again. Fingers crossed for these postcards! 🤞🏻


coboypb said...

Thanks again for sending the lovely postcard, stickers and your wishes from Japan :)

imp said...

I had fun picking out a card for you! And decided to go with one that doesn’t have a cat. Heheheh.