Tuesday, April 24, 2018

素晴らしいお蕎麦と天重でしたの六本木Honmura An!

I'm a soba, somen and udon person wayyy more than ramen. The BFF and I sneaked off to Honmura An in Roppongi for wonderfully hand-pulled 100% buckwheat noodles. If you're wondering whether this restaurant is worth the hype, the answer is YES. It was a delightful dinner over loads and loads of sake.

The current incarnation of Honmura An literally came full circle from New York City to Tokyo. Owner Koichi Kobari probably wrestled long and hard before ditching his Soho restaurant in 2007 to take over the reins of his late father's soba restaurant in Roppongi. Chef Koichi Kobari has done a spectacular job with the food here. He retained all traditional flavors. I wouldn't know the technology he employs in the kitchen. But the end result is a gorgeous menu of wonderful non-pretentious food. The menu here is seasonal, and surprisingly, printed in both English and Japanese.

Ordered appetizers that we’ve sorely missed and can't quite find good versions outside of Japan- Tsukune yamaimo (山掛け or otherwise known as 'tororo'), and Nikko nama yuba (beancurd sheets, 生ゆば). Such light froth and depth. Mmmm. Had a few pieces of red snapper sashimi and Kamo smoked duck breast. The 花冷え酒 went so well with the flavors that by the end of the meal, we had polished off three little bottles. Heheh.

There're tiny chicken meatballs as an appetizer too. They also offer a hot udon with dipping sauce and a stir-fried version with prawn tempura and chicken. I spied oyako donburi (親子丼ぶり), tenju (天重) and ko tendon (小天丼). Although I'm sure the restaurant would do rice dishes well too, don't bother with the ordering anything else as your main carbohydrates. The highlight here is the soba. Please eat soba.

The BFF went mad and ordered uni soba, with extra uni. I went for a simple zaru soba (ざるそば). I prefer have my soba cold. I wanted to taste the full flavors of it without anything much. It was indeed delicious, and later on, cups of dashi and soba yu were served to finish off the meal. Ahhhh good soba, I've missed you. Our dessert came complimentary- apricot mochi and tiny bites of sour-sweet pineapples.

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