Monday, April 23, 2018

Cats, Cats, Cats!

Managed to find a pocket of time to view a photo exhibition of cats titled 'ねこ専' ('Neko-sen'. It translates into uhhh 'cat fetish'. hmmm. Obsession?) It's put together by photographer Kenta Igarashi. He collated the works of eleven photographers and put them on the wall for us admire. Apparently he does this annually at many locations.  The photographers themselves also try to make it some days of the exhibition.

Each photographer has his preferred shooting angles of cats. There're varied themes running through, and it's most interesting to see how each photographer portray these cats. There were so many fun prints. If I can't keep a cat at home, then at least I could have a print of a cute one to look at.  I'd love to buy the big-sized ones, but I couldn't decide. Glad that some of them came in the size of postcards. At least I could buy a few postcards. Otherwise, I'd have to ask to somehow purchase prints online and have them delivered to Singapore.

I enjoyed Masayuki Oki's (沖 昌之) take on the seriously cute expressions and poses of street cats in the city. He affectionately calls them 'ugly cats'. (IG: @okirakuoki) He captures them in all sorts of unglamorous positions, and I love how he either observed or waited for the cats to stretch and all, and seize the opportunity to take the shot. Or it could be pure luck- randomly shoot and go, and get a great shot.

One of my favorites is of a black cat chilling out on the ledge against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea in Santorini. It's part of a series taken by photographer Asuha (明日葉; twitter and IG: @siesta_asuha). The series is titled『エーゲ海のねこ シエスタの町から』, which roughly translates into 'cats of the Aegean Sea, at siesta'. He really captured loads of cats lounging around; there're many hues of blue and white in the series.

Found a few photos that I'd like to have as postcards. Not to send to people. Oof. Just for myself as a souvenir. The photographers happily signed my postcards for me. SO NICE LAH. I wasn't expecting them to do it when they're just postcards and don't cost a lot. I didn't even buy like a stack or a booklet. I bought only 10 postcards, but Masayuki and Asuha were really sweet to bother to sit down and even asked me where I'd like their signatures to be placed.

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