Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Truckload of Sugar

I wanted to make a collage of all the ice-cream and dessert the BFF has been quaffing. The BFF has a very sweet tooth, which is quite scary if you witness it in action. She announced that she would be eating one a day. Then after four days, I gave up. The numbers pile up too fast and furious that a collage would just make me dizzy. Yes, I'm judging her.

We don't have time to seek out the artisanal ice-cream and gelato shops, or wagashi houses. She's been hopping into the convenience stores and supermarkets, and wherever else I don't know of. (We're not sticking to each other 24/7.) The BFF has inhaled (and is still inhaling) so many cones and cups of ice-cream and whatnot! Lindt, Dassai (using sake lees and sorbet), et cetera. It doesn’t help that Lawsons are everywhere, and right downstairs our office, there’re gourmet delis dishing out sweets. (Luckily our hotel area holds no such shops. Ha!) She claims that they're all seasonal flavors that Singapore doesn't have, and when the tiny cups and sandwiches by Häagen-Daz cost only 200-300円, she's gonna eat them all. 🙄

Well, spring is mochi season afterall. I’ve eaten only ONE MOCHI. Perhaps I’ll eat another; two sounds okay. The BFF likes the traditional sweets too. She's not that into wagashi (和菓子) that are like the dango, red bean jelly, castella sponge, or the crumbly wasanbon sugar stuff, but she ate SO MUCH mochi and daifukuWhat the. And I enabled her by buying her boxes of dorayaki and daifuku. These aren't the exciting new flavors, and don't require too many photos even though there're repeats. HAHAHAH.

Happy Birthday, BFF. We're celebrating for a month. Have a sweet 40th year marked by loads of good dessert, punishing circuit runs and great spin classes.


nua-ster said...

if you are still there.. and happened to pass by pablo, try their cheese soft serve.. hee.. it's savoury and it's awesome... miss it sooo much~ >.<

imp said...

nua-ster: ERMM. *slowly shakes head and runs far far away

HAHAHHAHA. dunwan.