Saturday, April 21, 2018


Mornings are splendid when they're filled with coffee and light bites. That morning was supposed to be cloudy and not filled with bright sunshine. Dawn broke quietly, misty and ethereal. We sat on the patio to admire the view, take in the sounds of nature, and enjoy the respite from noise and light pollution. Heading back into the hectic rush of the city is going to be painful.

This morning was perfect with home-brewed black coffee, and a simple breakfast of cheese (a really tasty Hokkaido camembert) and crackers, milk, yoghurt and fruits. Okaasan trotted out a little plate- she had sliced up little pieces of toast and spread walnut and apple butter on them. I didn't even need eggs, but still asked for one anyway. An egg is as fresh as it gets out here in the countryside. This was a very happy meal.

It's been such a heartwarming sojourn to have long-term friends gather. It's been two decades (and counting) of friendship from those crazy days in Australia, US, then Japan. I hope it doesn't take another four years till the next gathering IRL.

ご親切しんせつに、ありがとうございました, K と M!


coboypb said...

I enjoy reading about your trip in Japan! The meal of coffee, toasts and eggs sounds lovely.

imp said...

it's a beautiful country. i always like being out of the city, so ironically, i never enjoy spending much time in downtown Tokyo. BUT, it is a great way to get good food. heh.