Friday, April 20, 2018

いちごの季節 :: イチゴを摘む!

Why buy strawberries when there's a farm next door for us to pick them and eat all that we want? Strolled over to stuff our faces full of juicy red strawberries. We had a box partitioned into two, for stems and the other filled with condensed milk if we want to dip the fruit in. The strawberries are sooooo sweet. I didn't need the extra sweetened condensed milk.

The problem with the milk was- the resident cat liked it. I didn't think he was supposed to have it, and neither were we supposed to feed him. BUT, he was too fast for me. I simply knelt to say hello and he leapt up to my knees and finished that milk in a matter of seconds. He was most inelegant, and was fairly rude. He licked up all the milk and left sandy paw prints on my jeans. Grrrrrrr.

We probably ate about 30 strawberries each. 🍓🍓🍓 That's a lot of sugar! Wooooohoooo. Well, eating the fruit is much better than quaffing three to five strawberry shortcakes... 🍰 Well, kinda. When we're back in the city, we'd have to buy strawberries and cherry tomatoes to put them into the fridge in the hotel room. Those are snacks, or as breakfast to go with the yoghurt or milk.


We were invited to the other section to admire the white strawberries. We were allowed to EAT THEM. Wooohooo. Not all of it though. The staff had plucked those while we were running amok through the red patches. There was a little basket of white strawberries filled up for us. These white strawberries are quite beautiful, but a little too sweet for me. I stopped at two pieces.

There're a few varieties with erm poetic names. Giggled at this one, 『白いちご 初恋の香り』, which roughly means 'the fragrance of first love'. OH COME ON. It's just a strawberry that scientists developed by restricting the reddening protein, making it a white strawberry, tested and pushed out to the consumers in 2009! Innovative, for sure. These white strawberries contain way higher sugar content than its red cousins, and they cost about ¥700 - ¥1000 a piece. I understand white strawberries cost about S$45-S$52 for a box of five at Meidi-ya and Isetan in Singapore, and they aren't even of good quality. Japan and her crazy prices of perfect fruit.

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