Thursday, April 19, 2018


The friends hosted us to an awesome weekend at their spacious and scenic home in Chiba. It was very lovely of those who took the trouble to drive up (or take the train) when they don't even live in Tokyo anymore. An eight-hour journey to-and-fro total is such an effort. It was great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

Everyone brought loads of ingredients to grill. It was to be a rainy and windy weekend, but the rain came later, and there was a bit of sun which held for our looong lunch. At 16°C, it was perfect for a cookout. Light beer and a bottle of red went easy with the meal.

The food wasn't that scary in terms of portions. Nothing gigantic, whewwww. Beef, lamb, chicken wings, vegetables and seafood. There was uhhhh horse sashimi too. The food didn't need much seasoning beyond pepper, salt and butter. There were additional dips of shoyu and wasabi. I took a few slices of beef, and I got to eat all the lovely crunchy and superbly fresh vegetables and clams. Homemade onigiri provided the carbs needed for very-hungry people.

There was a trampoline, but I decided against it, wisely. I was quite stuffed. All the stomach contents would not hold up to jumping. The dog and the kids had more energy and did way better on it with their somersaults and splits.

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