Friday, May 25, 2018

Bakalaki Greek Taverna

Took the man's parentals to Bakalaki Greek Taverna for lunch. I love the space, light and breezy vibes of the restaurant. Helmed by general manager George Kokkinis, assistant general manager Christos Parlapani and Executive Chef Spiros Palaiologos, it has been quite consistent with its food so far.

For some reason, the moussaka (with minced beef) has not improved very much since it opened. If I can do a better moussaka, then this restaurant's version isn't too good. And strangely, I still order it. Duhhh. It seems to be a popular dish with our guests though. The one thing we've never ordered, lamb. We never seem to be in the mood to try it. The grilled octopus veers towards the chewy side. I think the kitchen likes it that way. We don't mind it. The hummus, Santorini fava (this dip uses yellow split peas, not to be confused with fava beans), and those giant beans in tomato sauce are fabulous.

Glad that the menu offers an option for the grilled sea bream at 400g and 800g. I normally prefer to order a smaller fish at restaurants. For some reason, many restaurants don't seem to be able to handle the larger sized fish as well. The sea bream, at 400g, has always arrived at our table beautifully done.

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