Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sheet Masks For Seven Nights

Tried out this pack of moisturizing masks. Not that I know the brand or whatever. But I figured that since it's Japanese, it should be fine. My skin is generally okay with Japanese cosmetics. I literally died when the friends said that they slap on sheet masks every night. WHUT. They're so disciplined! Okay. This pack holds seven sheet masks. Decided to just do it and see how it goes.

Of course I had to pick this stretch of seven days to coincide with a number of scheduled late nights. My goodness. It was soooo tedious to do this every night before bedtime when all I wanted to do after a shower is to crawl into bed and sleep. I still had to put on the sheet mask for at least 15-20 minutes. To some people, it's just part of their beauty routine. Not for me though, since I go with the bare minimal cleansing steps. This added on at least 20 minutes to the before bed-routine. Grrrr.

I've been procrastinating going to the skin doctor to sort out the brown spots on the face. I should go soon. Except the down-time is a little off-putting. Oh well. That's the cost of ignoring sunscreen on my face for the first two decades and merrily spent thousands of hours in the sun. Meanwhile, these masks should help to alleviate the face looking like a dried prune.

These sheet masks most certainly won't diminish the brown spots and pigmentation or even out skin tone that much. Those require specialist attention and medical-grade treatment. What the masks did, was to keep the face moisturized so that the pores appeared smaller. For those seven days, I was a little more conscientious with scrubbing the face and dabbing toner. I usually don't bother with the toner. Even made the effort to put on a deep cleansing clay mask before the moisturizing sheet. While these masks didn't do wonders for my face, they did help to control monthly outbreaks, soothe bumps and pimples. But no, I'm never again doing this for seven consecutive days.

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