Saturday, May 05, 2018


It’s wonderful to be able to mesh work and play together in a trip. Granted, it means that we’re stuck in one city, and can't take the train out to Karuizawa or wherever, but it doesn’t diminish the fun. Work is the same in any city, isn’t it? So we make the best of it and seize the little pockets of time in between to make memories.

The BFF’s birthday fell in the middle of the trip. Well, she’s celebrating her fortieth for the whole month of April. Hahaha. I didn’t feel any pressure to to uhhh make extra efforts to do any parties for her. We have a huge dinner planned when we get home. Her liver currently loves me because her alcohol intake is moderated to my levels. Early morning meetings or pilates sessions don’t make for crazy late nights. She’s free to go out drinking obviously. There ain’t curfews here, but she has obediently kept early nights. In fact, she seems to have been sleeping much better in Tokyo, compared to the bouts of insomnia she’s had for months.

You know how unconcerned I am with cosmetics and skincare in general. She's probably only one who would bug me to get out to buy boxes of facial masks and put them on every other night. She suggested that I should do it nightly and I'm like, 'walaoeh this is not winter and I'm not living here, why must I keep my face so moisturized?!!' 🙄 Yes yes, I'm aware of the lower humidity and...ageing skin and all that. I'm just lazy lah.

I dutifully bought a box of two sheet masks, then padded over to her room to steal hers for the rest of the trip. She bought many boxes- some to use on the trip, and packed the rest home. Obviously I didn't exactly care about the brands. She buys, I shamelessly use. I assumed they'd work on my skin too. 😬 My bears didn’t know what to think when I took them to the BFF’s room. She has a violent Miss Rabbit who whacks the bears if they try to be funny. Hahaha.

It has been 34 years of putting up with each other’s nonsense. 😂 My idiosyncracies, mostly, and my opinions. Considering how people grow up to walk different paths of life, and how we change and evolve at various stages of adulthood, it's amazing that this friendship has withstood the test of time. The BFF and I are very separate entities with quite different interests. Okay, I’m an introvert who needs tons of space and privacy, and she’s the most annoying extrovert ever. She’s a go-getter, not a whiner, looking for win-win resolutions, as opposed to me who’s a procrastinator and can be fairly extreme and untactful when burning bridges in search of an ideal solution to issues. She’s a way more fun and forgiving person than I am. Yet we remain a constant in each other’s lives. Our attitude and expectations towards life, living, money, people, and friendships are similar; we see eye to eye on these fundamental values. She’s an absolute gem.


b.muse said...

What a lovely trip! Friendships that withstand the test of time are the best ones. :D

Hehe, you two still look pretty much the same as back in 2011, but even better!

And please la, since when were you a procrastinator?!?! *rolls eyes*

imp said...


LOL. Neither of us put on that many facial masks in 2011. HAHAHA. or maybe D did. I definitely didn't care!

got leh. many things> that you dun know of and will probably roll eyes at. HAHAHA