Monday, May 07, 2018


Totally bought this book for the cover. Heh. I didn't think that I'd be very impressed by the content, but hey, it looked like an easy read and I'm supposed to be practicing the language. It turned out to be absolutely hilarious, to me.

「恋が生まれるご飯のために」(2018) はあちゅう著. Written by thirty-two-year-old social media influencer and writer Haruka Ito, the title roughly translates into 'Love is Born of Rice'. It's written from a woman's perspective, and that itself is problematic because I don't share her views and I don't live in her world where I'm bound by certain rules of dating. It's a very...for the lack of a better word, goosebump-raising girl book, in its language, thought(s) and opinions.

The book proposes the viewpoint that romance is developed when there's compatibility in a couple's tastebuds and food preferences. I can't argue with that. A whole chapter talks about respecting the venue of a date, being punctual and not be overly critical of its food unless it's that bad. Hmmm.「食事の場を大事にしてこそ恋も仕事もうまくいくのです。

Read this in the plane on the flight back to Singapore. By the last chapter, I was convulsing in hysterical giggles because I couldn't stifle them. My neighbor across the aisle peeked over quite a number of times to see what the heck I was reading. LOL. This line cracks me up, 「恋愛は、楽しくご飯を食べられる相手を見つけること、そして結婚は、一生一緒にご飯を食べる約束」It's saying that an ideal marriage is about finding two persons who can happily eat rice together for a lifetime. Hmmm...that's true, isn't it? That's perhaps quite an accurate gauge of all relationships- to have a meal together.

There's a chapter titled「朝ご飯で見極める朝ご飯が一緒に食べられる人は信頼できる人」, 'People who can have breakfast together can be trusted'. The author says that if the man she's dating likes to wake up early, and hence have breakfast together, she assumes that their future married life would be kept on a healthy pace too. 😂 Well, this, I can sort of get behind. Except that I have no wish to wake up every day to prepare breakfast for my husband. I don't need him to do it for me either. My stomach doesn't care about breakfast. Not as a kid, not as a 40-year old, and certainly never in-between. I rarely take breakfast. If there is a need to eat, it has to be cold milk, yoghurt, fruit, granola and the sorts. Not keen on bread or anything heavier. If I bother to get up early to meet you for breakfast, or maybe prep it for you, then chances are, you're already faeriefolk.


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