Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Cheap Steaks & Wine

The friends and I have been dining at Les Bouchons off and on. It's quite cool that the restaurant has survived the years. It has kept its prices and quality of food decent. It's great for days when we can't be bothered to cook dinner, not into paying a lot for beef, and just want some meat to chew on. Okay, the wine selections here aren't cheap since they start at S$90. But this is Singapore; we're resigned to these heavily taxed prices at full service restaurants. At least our cabernet merlot tonight was fruity and easy to drink.

It was one of those evenings again when we just want a casual dinner. We checked in with one another at 6pm, and would simply call a few restaurants to see which one was available for a 7.30pm seating. Les Bouchons said yes, and an indoor table was available at Robertson Quay. Yay. Sitting outdoors, even at night, in our stiff corporate suits, is just too damn hot.

Had a truckload of fries with the meal. Love those fries, and it's fantastic when the restaurant does bring out chilli sauce when I ask for it. I can't have fries without chilli sauce. :P Forgot to tell them that we didn't want salads. No point having them when we take these salads for lunch almost daily. Hahahaha. It was an easy evening of wine and steaks. My extra tender beef fillet was tasty. The kitchen can be a little heavy-handed with the salt over the steaks, so just remind them to go light. The done-ness of steaks have turned out pretty all right. Mine has come properly medium-rare on most orders.

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