Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Such Adorable Cup Sake!

Went over to V's for lunch over the weekend. We packed delicious boxes from The Daily Cut and Guzman y Gomez, and brought them over to her dining table. Yeah, we eat at these eateries all the time during the work week, but we like their ingredients in our choices of grain bowls anytime. No issues with eating the same things on a weekend. Heh.

E brought over sake. Grinned when she trotted out the cute little cups with pull-off lids. Three grains on a bottle. That will be an Ohmine junmai (大嶺純米、大嶺酒造). The Ohmine junmai ginjo has two grains, and its junmai daiginjo has all of one grain. The Ohmine junmai which is both creamy and clean at the same time, is lovely when drunk chilled. It’s perfect for day-time drinking. 😬 It was a good afternoon of conversation and laughter.

The one thing I oddly didn't do in Tokyo, was to step into sake bars or buy those single serve, one-cup sake. Haizzz. Next time then. The fun isn't to buy them now, which is easily done. I want to simply chance upon them, and take them home. Those little glass cups are wonderful when re-purposed into random drinking cups.

Ohmine junmai, 大嶺純米.

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