Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Coffee and Dark Chocolate

Between appointments in town, J and I sat down at The Dark Gallery for coffee and a piece of chocolate. The cafe specializes in dark chocolate dessert items, and I was really pleased with what I saw. Nice to see a cafe take its cacao seriously. Woooohoo. I'll still skip the cakes. No matter how, cakes are crazy on the sugar. I wasn't in the mood for ice-cream, but its promises of 70% and 80% offerings are enticing. Next time.

Coffee first. The Dark Gallery partnered Common Man Coffee Roasters to provide caffeine. The cup of Ethiopian blend pourover from Padre Coffee was satisfying. It's tough to find a decent cup of coffee along Orchard Road, and I'm pleased to have another option. The first cafe has been opened at Millenia Walk for a while, but I've not managed to swing by till this new outlet opened at Basement Two of Ngee Ann City (just at the exit of the underpass link to Wisma Atria, across from Sunny Hills).

Today I was keen on trying its bite-sized chocolate squares. Picked two types- Peruvian sea salt 66% dark chocolate, and the other is a salted caramel with 66% dark chocolate as well. To be honest, it was really all right- not sugary, but it could have gone up to 80%. :P That would be ideal for me. That's for the cacao. It could have gone braver with the sea salt, and the salted caramel; it’s a little too subtle. Still made for a happy bite though!


coboypb said...

I have walked past it at Ngee Ann City twice but had not heard reviews about it until now :) The dark chocolate ice cream sounds interesting !

imp said...

I still haven’t had the ice-cream. Go try if you want a sugar boost!

nua-ster said...

worth a try! think it's one of the very few not-so-sweet ice cream in sg.. ;p

imp said...

@nuas-ter: i shall do that soon. :)