Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Picking Out Fun Wallets

Shopping was a fun and fairly efficient way to spend a little more time after catching up with W over lunch. We were supposed to get a birthday gift for dear G, whom we would be seeing the following week. We hadn't had any inspiration about what sort of gift we should get. Usually we'd get two gifts, but we hadn't even settled on one. Hahahah.

It wasn't my intention to step into Kate Spade to find said birthday gift, but W likes Kate Spade and has a few fun pieces from the brand. She's also saddened by Kate Spade's passing. She thought it would be wonderful for us to get an item from there as this range would be the last of the designer's work, or at least designs she had approved of. Okaaaay.

The birthday girl likes whimsical items, and with enough blacks for work, her off-duty clothes are generally colorful and happy. Many items were on a 40% - 50% discount. Yay! Found something for her, of course. Chose a fun color, but safe enough wallet. The coin compartment is really small. Oh well. Just reduce usage of coins. Go cashless. Hahahahaha. Luckily for us, G loves our pick! It's definitely be something she would use.

It was only much later when we were cruising along in the car, having a casual chat and giggles when we realized that G would not have minded the ONE design we didn't think she would like. We showed her the photo. We were like.... 'it's so not you!' And she said, 'I do like it quite a bit!' It was hilarious. Whaaaat? Since when do you like uhhh crabs? And red, and stripes? Then our eyes widened. Oops. We FORGOT that she's a Cancerian. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

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