Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tacos & Margaritas

Went for to D and J's for dinner. We contributed store-bought chips, and home-boiled-and-blended hummus. They whipped up our all-time comfort food in the form of tacos. 🌮 Wooooot. The hosts went shopping at the Mexican grocer's (where all of us shop at because only they bring in the ingredients we need) and cooked up a storm. Tortilla, carnitas, along with the usual refried beans, tomato salsa, corn, onions and guac. Mmmm. I couldn't stop nibbling on the corn through the night. The pulled pork was slow-braised for hours in the oven, ensuring that it turned out flavorful and tender. Qué sabroso es este carnitas!

Dessert was a homebaked classic tres leche cake. I took one bite, and shared it out. Cannot! Too sweet! I would have preferred it to come topped with sour fruits. People with a sweet tooth would like it though. This cake is soaked in three kinds of milk- evaporated, condensed and heavy cream.

Brought over a friendly bottle of Highland in the form of a Deanston 18y.o bourbon cask finish. Everyone was like, "Oh this will be good with dessert, I'll just have a nip." I had no idea how much a nip is, but the entire bottle was finished! LOL. And it wasn't by the man and I! Hahaha. I was merrily chugging margaritas. Glad the friends liked it!

It was a hilarious night of conversation which ended with us re-living Eurovision through the years. Including the one with Canadian Celine Dion singing and winning for Switzerland in 1998 with 'Ne partez pas sans mo', and Finnish metal band Lordi winning 2006 in Athens with 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'. There was even Johnny Logan winning the second time for Ireland in 1997 with 'Hold Me Now'. Oh yes, we went there. Not going to link to the videos. I'll spare you that. 😂


Liverella said...

The cake looks amazing!!! My dessert preference is on the extreme, either nothing at all or really sweet caramel stuff (wash down with some strong coffee or tea) ��


imp said...

Liv: Your tea or coffee would help loads to balance out the dessert. Pick a non-giant portion and you should be all good!