Thursday, July 05, 2018

Finger Limes Are Still In Season

Ideally, the juice vesicles (also known as 'lime caviar') of the Australian finger lime (or fingerling lime) is best used to sprinkle over a good gin and tonic. It could also go beautifully atop an avocado, alongside with dukkah and sea salt. Guacamole with finger lime pearls is the best. What a wonderful little gift from Brisbane! Thanks J! 

Depending on cultivars, finger limes come in a variety of hues from green to brown to almost deep red. The fruit has begun its season and they’re usually harvested between March and May, although some cultivars can crop up to thrice a year, and cultivars in warmer coastal regions peak mid-winter in end July and could fruit throughout spring and summer. You could get these limes in Singapore at some supermarkets and little fruit stalls, but it generally appears for two weekends in June, and that's it. I was hungry today, and instead of eating out, I decided to go home and prep a sandwich for a late lunch. As attractive as The Daily Cut's salad bowls are, I shouldn't be lazy. Went home to use a finger lime; it would be nice to sprinkle the little pearls into a well-made tuna sandwich.

Opened up a can of albacore tuna. Yah I know, albacore tuna contain higher mercury levels and all that, but I don't take tuna often. Not even on a monthly basis. Risk and reward. I use the larger chunks of Ortiz Ventresca tuna that either come in jars or cans. Please don't use Ayam brand tuna chunks in olive oil ah. Those aren't very tasty... Shredded the tuna chunks, stirred in damn-good mayonnaise, and added in diced spring onions and shallots. Placed the entire mix into the chiller for a bit before scooping it onto slightly toasted bread..

Sliced up the finger lime and layered its pearls over tuna mix. Mmmm. It truly gave a different layer of flavor to the humble tuna sandwich. So pleased that I came home to eat instead of paying some cafe S$16 for a sandwich that won't taste better than mine, especially with the additional sprinkle of finger lime pearls. 😆😁

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