Wednesday, July 04, 2018

New Ballet Slippers

I still dance. Except I rarely go en pointe anymore. It's kinda painful. :P I'm not rehearsing for performances. I'm dancing for a love of ballet and its movement, treating it like a workout instead of a practice. But I get goosebumps each time 'adult ballet' is mentioned. It feels as though that in Singapore, only children and teenagers dance are encouraged to dance.

Worn out a few pairs of soft slippers. There're limited choices of ballet shoes for adults (Saturne and Katz are available), unless I order it online (from Bloch), which I did. After years of wearing them, soft slippers are the easiest to fit without them having to be too precise. They're so soft that sometimes, I take to wearing the worn out full-soles around at home. :P I prefer split soles to concentrate on footwork and releasing the stress on the archs. They somehow fit my feet better too. But I do have a back-up pair with full soles just for a different feel.

Grinned at the pair of full-sole black that day. Since the gym is launching LES MILLS BARRE™, I could wear the black to class. An overkill? Naaaah. Have you've seen the ridiculous amount of jumping that's supposedly part of LES MILLS BARRE™? Till I wonder if it could possibly be masquerading as an elegant version of GRIT™Cardio. Again, I suppose it depends on the individual instructors and what their preferences are. A simple sauté or échappé done in a gym class would probably make any ballet teacher roll eyes at all terrible posture and form. Doing 32 of those, would likely elicit groans from the class (at the gym, not at ballet) The whole point of barre classes is all about exercising 'ballet-inspired moves'. It is NOT ballet training. Duhhh. Jump enough and you'll burn calories. I'm certainly not doing those jumps on naked soles.

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