Tuesday, July 03, 2018

S’s 40th Birthday Dinner!

Celebrated S's 40th at Fratini La Trattoria. We had been curious about the restaurant, and were glad to check out how a no-menu 10-course Italian dinner tasted like. Menu planning, as we understood, is entirely dependable on what's available in the market, and while they can easily cater a vegetarian menu, people with specific food allergies and preferences would need to politely talk to the kitchen about it prior to the meal.

Helmed by 28-year-old owner-chef Chomel Yang, service was earnest and warm. Definitely much better than their website which strangely contains a ton of error pages and lorem ipsum all over. We appreciated their policy of allowing us to bring our own bottle of wine while buying one from them. It's nice to see our younger generation choose the culinary arts and churn out conservative but very edible food. The menu is limited, and hasn’t changed that much since 2016, but the items trotted out to our table were well executed.

The mains of herb-crusted lamb chops, slipper lobster, braised beef cheeks and cod fish were generous and dependable. Their mash, or pureed pumpkin, beets and sweet potatoes was fun, and it seemed like the kitchen really liked it so much that it sat every other dish on a bed of mash of some sort. Customizing our pasta doesn’t quite mean that. The kitchen can't do everything. To be honest, I was hoping for a simple puttanesca or a cacio e pepe. We ended up with two selections of pappardelle of seafood squid ink, and mushroom with shaved black truffles. They were delicious!

Dessert was not for me. LOL. Rose panna cotta, tiramisu, creme brûlée and a meringue. It was for the birthday boy and my partner, both of whom are sugar people. S’s partner N and I are totally not into sweets. We grimaced as we watched them devour the dessert and the complimentary birthday brownie. We were happy with white and red wines, and limoncello.

Happy Birthday S! To your health, and grit in those gym classes and your new job! And since you haven’t had those wonderful DOMS from working different muscle groups in new movements, may you get those too. 🤪🤣

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