Friday, July 13, 2018

Kueh Pie Tee & Telur Seribu Tahun

Never say no when you're invited over to Aunty J's for dinner. I didn't even ask what was on the menu. Hahahaha. At some point two hours before dinner, someone texted an update of the menu of the "simple dinner" which consisted of homemade nyonya kueh pie tee. I rarely get very good ones at restaurant, to be honest. Dunno why. The homemade ones are the best.

Of course there were other items in addition to kueh pie tee. Each time Aunty J says "It's only a simple dinner lah!" It's NEVER simple. "Simple" to me, means, kueh pie tee, some vegetables, and a meat dish of sorts. It was more than that. There were loads of dishes tonight- cabbage soup, stir-fried beehoon, braised pork ribs, achar. And there were pickled ginger and mango, and home-cured century eggs! Wooot. Shamelessly plonked myself at the dining table and ate loads. Awesome sambal belachan galore.

Then there was dessert. Fruits, home-stirred soy pudding (or soya beancurd), homebaked orange-butter cake and agar agar. And I dunno why there was fish krupuk, but since the bottle was out and being passed around, I ate many pieces. Shuffled away from the dining table and flopped onto the couch. Totally carb-loaded for gym class the next morning. Hahahah.

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