Saturday, July 14, 2018

Out And About With My Spots

A major project has wrapped, and the next huge project begins mid-August. I don't have to travel or meet any clients. Hurrah. It’s an ideal in-between period to sort out my face. Figured that the zapped solar lentigines would look the worst after this first session, and they did. They still do! Future sessions should hopefully turn out less scary.

As battered as the face looks during these two weeks, I'm not hiding at home. I really don't mind strolling around town to scare people. These spots are already big and dark to begin with, so while they darkened to chocolate as the crust formed, it isn't such a big shock. The faeriefolk would still love me anyway. Sure, there're those who still exclaimed "AIYOH! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?" In a tone that’s more concerned than nosy. Then I'll patiently explain. I also have a handy graphic on the phone to illustrate the process. Hahaha.

The up side- I haven't been slathering on foundation or any sort of make-up beyond drawing the eyebrows. My skincare routine was already basic to begin with, along with minimal make-up. It’s now even more pared down- it's just the repair gel, moisturizer and sunblock. The dermatologist actually okay-ed BB cream and tinted moisturizer after the first week, but I'm not bothered. No BB cream for the month till the next appointment at the skin clinic, and likely not going to bother with make-up for a few months since there’ll be a second, third and fourth laser session. With the gentle cleansing of the face thrice a day and constant moisturizing, the skin is in a much better condition than I've seen it for a year. Hurrah.

It's been more than a week since the solar lentigines got zapped. I've started on the AzA 20 cream (azelaic acid). The solar lentigines now look a lot better. Whether they're lighter, is relative to the eye. I can tell you that they're slightly lighter than before they got zapped. I couldn't even hide them with concealer and foundation prior to this; quite pleased that they're ironically lighter now on a face sans make-up. The dermatologist has this ideal 'hue' in which they can fade to. There’s a scale of sorts. I'll go along with her recommendation, within reasonable logic of course.

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